The Gentlemen

justin (1).jpg

Justin Lee

Fifteen years and counting, Justin has been through it all with me. My middle school years were suprisingly positive, which I credit to having Justin as a best friend. From band practice to Dolan family road trips, Justin really was always around. Justin often shares a fresh perspective and always has the best insight. Justin is a constant in my life and I feel forever indebted to his friendship.

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Andrew Stewart

Andrew and I met in college at the University of Oregon. If I remember the story correctly, we were both subtly looking for roommates at Freshman orientation. We bumped into one another lost and caught each other's eyes. We introduced ourselves and the rest was history. Our "first impression story" is symbolic of Andrew's ability to warm up instantly without hiding anything. It's been memories ever since. 

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Tim Knox

Tim... where do I begin? Ah, that's right, in 2014. In the corporate world that is TEKsystems. When not working, we're likely rallying on the ping-pong table or going at it on the ice. If neither, we're probably singing TUSK or another Fleetwood Mac favorite. Too many things in common brought Tim and I close together in a short period of time. Tim's the type of guy that always puts others before himself. 

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Lam Lu

When I met Lam as a freshman at the University of Oregon, our personalities weren't initially drawn together. Years of living together gave me the opportunity to appreciate Lam more and more. I learned from him that there is much to be said about slowing down and appreciating moments. Lam is an intentional person and even better friend. Don't ever let Lam talk himself down to you, he is incredibly humble and a man of many, many talents.

Matt and Conner.jpg

Conner Gordon

Conner, The Con, Con-Man, concon424, Yu Ting... You know a good friend by a good nickname.

Freshman year of college, Conner, (already a friend of my roommate at the time and fellow groomsman, Andrew) was in my dorm and said, "Dude, that your Scrabble?" That's the moment when I knew he would be a friend for life. Conner has taught me many things, one being that people and experiences are more valuable than places and things. I always feel appreciated in Conner's company.

Jonathon and Matt 2.jpg

Jonathon James

Big bro.

Jonathon is the guy who will forever provide me the best content for my social media feeds. From cutting the turkey shirtless at a James family Thanksgiving to sending the (unfortunately) wrong meme in the family group chat. Jonathon can rope me into doing anything, even if it means walking across the driveway while he quite literally ropes me. Jokes aside, Jonathon has a heart of gold and puts his family first. I am so honored to be a part of it.

Matt and Travis.jpg

Travis Mowry

Travis was the middle school lacrosse coach a year prior to me joining the team. I often think about the crazy timing of our lives many years ago. Many years later, the James girls would reel both Travis and I into the family. From California lax-bros to now real bros, we share similar interests and now the same family. Since Thanksgiving 2013, Travis has made me feel at home with the James family.


Ford Mowry

When I first met Jess, in her eyes, Ford ran the world. Well, quite frankly, he still does. Jess always says she didn't know what love was until she became an Aunt to Ford. I have a lot to thank him for. Ford has a gentle spirit and loves his people. His love for hockey is growing by the second and I couldn't be more proud. We love Ford and think he will be a very responsible ring bearer on wedding day!