Place yourself in the year 2004.

Location: Las Flores Middle School, California

Student Population: 1,000

Jessica is new to California. Her style is transitioning from hot pink Abercrombie polos and running shoes to Roxy graphic tees and Rainbow flip-flops. She reads Teen Vogue at lunch with her one trusty BFF, Sammi (bridesmaid) and wonders if she’ll ever date a surfer boy.

Across the quad, Matt is eating lunch with his trusty BFF, Justin (best man). Matt has perfected his spikey gelled hair look, his backpack nearly hits the ground when he walks, all while he carefully carries his trumpet to band class.

For the next two years of attending the same middle school, Matt and Jessica would live parallel lives. They would go on to separate high schools and then eventually find themselves both heading off to college at the University of Oregon.

Just months into college, a mutual friend of Matt and Jessica’s from Orange County, reached out and connected them on Facebook. Matt messaged Jessica, saying that his group of friends, Andrew, Conner and Lam (groomsmen) were meeting in one of the on campus bistros before walking to the football game that weekend, and that Jessica should join them. Darin (bridesmaid) and Jessica met up with Matt and company. Jessica noticed instantly how fun and inclusive Matt was. Two traits Jessica would come to know and love about Matt.

Later that night, Darin and Jessica returned to the dorms. Darin comments, “Matt’s so fun! Would you ever date him?!” To which Jessica responds, “I know, right?! But could you imagine... our kids would be SO hairy!”

The warm and fun person that Matt is, he continued to invite Jessica to different gatherings. Sometimes Jessica would join, sometimes not.

Once Jessica’s family was in Eugene visiting her at school when they ran into Matt at a popular breakfast spot. Matt left the group to come say hi and introduce himself to Jessica’s family. Needless to say, Jessica’s dad was impressed, Jessica was too... Unbeknownst to Matt, his kind and thoughtful nature would continue to leave lasting impressions on Jessica.

This wouldn’t be the last time the two bumped into one another. Between showing up at the same concerts to unexpectedly sitting next to one another at football games. This couldn’t have been pure coincidence.

In January of 2013, now juniors at the University of Oregon, Matt posted on Facebook, “Taking Advertising 201. Anyone in that class?” Jessica was and she took him up on the offer to sit together on the first day of class.

By March, Jessica and Matt were spending more time with each other. When they think back to their early years they  remember exchanging Spotify playlists and making dinner together on the weekends, and almost always laughing till their stomachs hurt.

This would be just the beginning of Matt and Jess.

Jessica and Matt recently celebrated five years of dating. Their years have been filled with many new opportunities and accomplishments, and much to celebrate and enjoy together. With that time also came trials and tribulations, which ultimately led Matt and Jessica to realize that experiencing life without the other would be meaningless and certainly no fun at all.

They are thrilled to be joined in marriage on August 4, 2018.

Thank you for sharing in their joy!