The Ladies

Jen and Jes.jpg

Jennifer Mowry

My beloved big sister who has taught me to act generously, be truthful in my words and when you love someone, don’t let them go. 

As I marry Matt and gain two more sisters, I’ll be certain that anything I know about being a great sister is because Jennifer showed me first.

Darin and Jess.jpg

Darin Milovich

From the age of 15, I don't recall of a significant moment in my life that Darin hasn't been a part of. The good and the not-so good. I mean it. EVERYthing! 

Whenever I am spending time with Darin, she never checks her phone. It's one of those little things that makes me feel so cared for. I feel grateful to have a friend that has always been so present in my life.

Sammi and Jess.jpg

Sammi Van Ness

The beginning of seventh grade was a lonely place for me, as I had just landed myself in a new state at a mega-middle school. When I met Sammi, she asked me questions about my life and told me about her Aunt who lives in Washington. I immediately felt understood and at home. Fourteen years later and when I am with Sammi, I always feel at home.

Mandy and Jess.jpg

Mandy Clarke

From matching overalls and playing school, to being teachers in classrooms of our own, and slowly turning into our mothers. I've never taken for granted having a childhood friend like Mandy. My very first friend. Someone who knows me and still loves me as family. I feel such warmth and gratitude in my heart for having a friend like her.

Ashley and Jess.jpg

Ashley Gavett

Ashley and I met as juniors at the University of Oregon. What started out as random roommates and a mutual love for running, turned into a lifelong friendship beyond both of our expectations. Whether it is mile 12 or a text during Dad's chemo, Ashley is thoughtful beyond words and a constant source of encouragement in my life.

amanda and jess.jpg

Amanda Dolan

I always loved the idea of sister-in-laws that felt like friends. Matt's oldest sister, Amanda is exactly that. The girl I count on for recommendations (from podcasts to cookie dough hummus - you know you want to know now...). Time with Amanda is equal parts thoughtful conversation and impressions that have me laughing till I cry.

Deirdre and Jess.jpg

Deirdre Dolan

As an older sister to Matt, there’s no denying that some of the best parts of Deirdre have become some of the best parts of Matt too. She is someone who extends warmth and welcome to all who cross paths with her. I have always felt that I belonged with Matt and Deidre's always made it feel like I've been a part of the family all along.


Sawyer Mowry

The rumors are true, we've never loved a little girl so much. She is kind and helpful, spirited and fun. She said Matt's name before she said Auntie Jess which is only further proof that he is her favorite. Coming in at a whopping 4 years old, Sawyer dreams of being a ballerina. Here's to hoping she can overcome stage fright when she walks down the aisle as our little flower girl!