When I was in high school, I had an English teacher who encouraged us to use writing as a way to engage with the world. Naturally, I started to write letters to the editor of Teen Vogue. It wasn’t much time until the next Teen Vogue issue was in the mailbox and my letter was printed right inside. Me? My thoughts? My ideas? It was here that I began to put my words out into the world.


Lately, I have been writing at Patient Gamma, a site I started to help keep friends and family up to date about my dad’s battle with Leukemia. Not only was writing a way to share health information with others, but it turned out to be a way for me to gather thoughts, ideas and feelings. To be inspired by my mom and dad and to feel connected to those supporting the journey. I found tremendous joy and purpose in writing at Patient Gamma.

More recently, I have felt more and more encouraged to continue writing, sharing and connecting through this medium. The Newest Dolans originated as my husband and I’s wedding website and is now evolving into a journal to document our life. Thanks for being a part of it all!

xo, Jessica (and Matt)

The Newest Dolans